WC50 LNP NBN Requirements


The Local Number Portability Code NBN Requirements Working Committee (WC50) is to develop recommendations for an LNP framework in a fully realised NBN environment.

The following will be taken into consideration:
  • Customer transfer and LNP experiences gained in the NBN environment including customer experience, the type and nature of transactions, systems and process capabilities being deployed and existing and future capability to support high volume migrations and transfers projected in the NBN Co business plan;
  • The different roles of carriers, carriage service providers, access providers, wholesale aggregators, retail service providers and resellers in the LNP process in an NBN environment;
  • Outcomes for customers and industry, taking into account expected longer term service trends, underlying service technologies, interconnect arrangements and international practices. Focus to include service provider entry into the LNP framework and the resultant consumer experience of portability being broadly available across fixed telephony suppliers; and
  • Longer term trends in market structure expected in an NBN environment, noting the desirability of a robust level of market place competition at each service delivery layer.
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AAPT, iiNet, M2 Communications, NBN Co, Paradigm.One, Singtel Optus, Telstra, Verizon, Vodafone Hutchison Australia, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Australian Communications and Media Authority, Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy