WC107 : PMTS and Satellite Service Customer Equipment Standards


The WC107 : PMTS and Satellite Service Customer Equipment Standards Working Committee is to revise AS/CA S042:2022 Requirements for Connection to an air interface of a Telecommunications Network Australian Standard:
  • Part 1: General
  • Part 4: IMT Customer Equipment
  • Part 5: IMT-2020 Customer Equipment
The committee is addressing fifteen work items that have been identified to maintain currency with the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Releases for telecommunications technology standards, with other relevant international Standards and for potential changes under Australian telecommunications legislation and regulations. These work items will include the review of requirements for customer equipment used for the PMTS and for satellite services. One item will be the consideration of existing requirements for acoustic safety.

The work items listed below fall into two activities; those identified as actionable under the committee’s Terms of Reference, and those subject to the outcomes of legislative and regulatory decisions. These latter items are to be monitored and assessed, in conjunction with the Communications Alliance Customer Equipment and Cable Reference Panel, for incorporation into the project, subject to the impact to the project.

Work Items

  • Review of the 3GPP Releases publication schedule, specifically Release 16 and 17 requirements, that are relevant for customer equipment connected to Australian   telecommunications networks.
  • Updating references to the relevant ETSI EN Harmonised Standards.
  • Review of the IMT 2000 (4G) and IMT 2020 (5G) frequency spectrum bands that customer equipment are to operate in.
  • Revision of the requirements for satellite services Customer Equipment, including the review of technical developments in the provision of satellite services and changes to regulatory arrangements.
  • Review of acoustic safety requirements – that they are still achieving the appropriate safety outcomes for Australia, and to identify relevant international requirements and align for Australian conditions, taking into account technical developments and the regulatory environment.
  • Revision of the provision of power-fail advice warning notice requirements.
  • Review a proposal to relocate the requirements for Satellite Customer Equipment into a new Part of the AS/CA S042 series.
  • Review a proposal to relocate the requirements for emergency service access into a new Part of the AS/CA S042 series.


  • The cell broadcast National Messaging System (NMS) for emergency warnings of events of national significance.
  • Work on Cyber Security standards and potential impact to Customer Equipment requirements.
  • Work on the use of SMS to trigger emergency calls and the operation of Advance Mobile Location (AML).
  • Advancements in positioning technologies for customer equipment.
  • Use of the SIP interface in customer equipment to convey location information for an emergency call.
  • Use of Public Land Mobile Network ID (PLMNID) by 5G private networks and emergency calls.

Terms of reference (Download, .doc 132KB)

Expressions of Interest

Further information on the project can be found in the Information Pack below. Expressions of Interest to participate on the WC94 Working Committee can be lodged using the nomination form.

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