Internet Of Things

The Communications Alliance Internet of Things Think Tank was formed in May 2015.

The Think Tank’s vision is to be a leading ICT industry initiative under a broad industry framework shaping the regulatory framework to harness for Australian industry the opportunities generated by the Internet of Things. The Think Tank aims to define the IoT eco-system, inform and enable Australian companies to exploit the business opportunities afforded by IoT technology and services

In June 2015 the Think Tank’s Executive Council commissioned an Industry Report “Enabling the Internet of Things for Australia” which provides an industry-wide view of:  

  • Australian regulatory and policy enablers and inhibitors for Australian IoT industry success
  • Australian industry readiness
  • Recommendations for policy and industry initiatives
  • Proposed collaborative work streams for the industry, Government and other stakeholders, facilitated by Communication Alliance (CA), to help drive the development of the IoT industry and community

The research, undertaken by consulting firm Creator Tech, draws on international experience in the IoT field, the outputs of a series of industry workshops, a survey, desk research and interviews with more than 35 IoT experts from Australia and abroad.

The Report makes 12 core recommendations for regulatory and policy changes, combined with industry initiatives. The recommended package of measures is designed to avoid the risks inherent in the development of the IoT and facilitate its development in Australia in ways that will drive economic growth and competitiveness

The Report also calls for the creation of six work streams to carry forward the recommendations. Those works streams are:

1) Collaborative Australian IoT Industry – Develop a coherent, collaborative and globally-aware Australian IoT community with industry, Government and other key stakeholders to foster innovation and inform appropriate policy and regulatory settings.

2) Sectoral engagement – Develop sectoral IoT advancement and alignment with key sectors, including through Government Industry Growth Centre Activities, Infrastructure Australia and key sectoral bodies – with an initial focus on Mining, Agriculture, Transport and Telecommunications.

3) Open Data – Develop IoT open data and data sharing principles and guidelines – with possible sectoral focus. In conjunction, data privacy – develop privacy guidelines for use of IoT data.

4) Spectrum availability – working party including the ACMA and broader stakeholders to address the spectrum settings and licencing needs for low-bit rate wireless services, such as LPWA.

5) Security – develop security guidelines for IoT services and service elements, including data protection.

6) IoT Start-up innovation – develop policy and IoT eco-system frameworks in support of a national IoT program, which is linked to Industry Growth Centres.

Read the full report “Enabling the Internet of Things for Australia”