Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) Publication Suite

C555:2017 Integrated Public Number Database (IPND)

C555:2017 (pdf 522kb)

The Code specifies who can supply and/or receive data to/from the IPND, as well as the obligations on use of IPND data.

Revision of the Code

This most recent version of the Code delivers on specific recommendations that came out of the 2015 IPND Review by the Department of Communications and the Arts. Changes to the Code include:
  • Stronger industry practices to support IPND Data Providers use of validation practices to improve data quality;
  • Development of guidance for Data Providers to implement processes that allow subscribers to easily view and correct their IPND records;
  • Establishment of awareness raising measures to highlight to subscribers the importance and need for providing correct information to their Carriage Service Provider, in order to ensure the IPND record is accurate.
The Code reflects practices that are the only achievable and practical approach to dealing with these matters.

Associated Guideline

G619:2017 IPND Data

G619:2017 (.pdf, 1,490 KB)

Provides assistance to Data Providers and Data Users in ensuring the accurate capture and entry of data into the IPND to satisfy the needs of all Data Users, particularly emergency service organisations

The Guideline was revised to ensure consistency with changes to C555:2017 Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) Industry Code. It also contains additional information to clarify the use of various fields.