2.3 Guidelines for Working Committee members

Members of Standards Working Committees are expected to:

  • attend Working Committee meetings on a regular basis. Meetings are conducted in person and are often supported by audio and video conferencing.
  • where it is not possible for a member to attend a Working Committee meeting, ensure an apology is submitted or preferably, nominate and arrange for an alternate to attend the Working Committee meeting in their place. The Working Committee member is responsible for ensuring their alternate is fully briefed on Working Committee issues.
  • actively participate in the development of the Working Committee deliverables in accordance with the Working Committee’s Terms of Reference.
  • where a member is representing a nominating organisation (including an individual company), it is expected the member represents the view of their nominating organisation only and that the member would preface any personal views that those views are indeed personal views and not necessarily those of the nominating organisation.

Further guidance can be found in the Standards Australia Standardisation Guide SG-002 on ‘Structure and Operation of Standardisation Committees’ and Standardisation Guide SG-004 on ‘Roles and Responsibilities of Standardisation’.