Media Releases 2017

09/08/2017 - Complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, as a proportion of services in operation (SIO) for report participants, were 9.0 complaints per 10,000 for the period April to June 2017.
2017 Media Release 24

01/08/2017 - Communications Alliance has welcomed the statement of the Minister for Communications and the Arts, Mitch Fifield, today that Government, regulators and Industry participants will invest more time and resources into research to understand customers’ experiences in the course of and post-migration to NBN-based networks.
2017 Media Release 23

20/07/2017 - The winners of the prestigious 2017 Communications Alliance Awards were announced last night at the 11th Annual ACOMM Awards Dinner in Sydney. Attended by more than 450 industry leaders, the evening’s keynote address was delivered by Senator the Hon. Mitch Fifield, Federal Minister for Communications.
2017 Media Release 22

11/07/2017 - Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton, welcomed ACCAN’s Mobile Third-Party Billing Survey, published by the consumer organisation earlier today.
2017 Media Release 21

07/07/2017 - The latest Telecommunications Customer Satisfaction Survey has produced mixed results, with some key satisfaction metrics remaining steady, but some metrics highlighting areas for industry improvement.
2017 Media Release 20

30/06/2017 - Major industry groups today endorsed the recommendations of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS), designed to overcome deficiencies in the Government’s latest piece of national security legislation.
2017 Media Release 19

14/06/2017 - Communications Alliance is proud to announce the finalists in the communications industry’s premier awards for excellence, the ACOMMS, which recognise exemplary achievement across 12 categories of endeavour.
2017 Media Release 18

Industry welcomes ACMA review recommendations
22/05/2017 - Communications Alliance has called on the Government to move quickly to implement the recommendations of its review of industry regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), to give certainty and direction to the body.
2017 Media Release 16

Communications Alliance proposal for industry managed numbering to streamline processes and enhance agility to customer needs
26/05/2017 - Management of Australia’s telecommunications numbering arrangements may be transferred from Government to industry in a bid for greater efficiency, under a proposal released today by Communications Alliance.
2017 Media Release 17

Complaints in Context Increase during January to March 2017
17/05/2017 - Complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, as a proportion of services in operation (SIO), were 8.4 complaints per 10,000 for the period January to March 2017.
2017 Media Release 15

Complaint Volumes Highlight Need for Concerted Industry Action
11/05/2017 - The six-month update on complaints about phone and internet services, released by the TIO today, is very disappointing in aggregate, but does suggest that action by telecommunication service providers is slowing the rate of growth in complaints, Communications Alliance said today.
2017 Media Release 14

Further Improvements In Latest Telecommunications National Customer Satisfaction Survey
05/05/2017 - The latest Telecommunications Customer Satisfaction Survey has revealed further improvements in three key satisfaction metrics, including the ease of understanding bills, information provided on telecommunications products, and minimising unexpectedly high bills.
2017 Media Release 13

Telecommunications financial hardship guide updated
01/05/2017 - A second version of Responding to Customers in Financial Hardship: Principles and Practices for Telecommunications Service Providers was released today following a consultative process including telecommunications industry and financial counselling representatives with the assistance of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. The guide sets out principles and practices that telecommunications and internet service providers may use when dealing with consumers in financial hardship.
2017 Media Release 12

Broadband Education Package to Help Consumers Improve Their Online Experience
20/04/2017 - A new education package to help Australian consumers better understand the factors that can influence the performance of their broadband service has been released by the telecommunications industry.
2017 Media Release 11

Regulatory Restraint Needed on Eve of Data Retention Deadline
12/04/2017 - The Federal Government must exercise regulatory restraint as telecommunications service providers scramble to meet 13 April 2017 deadline to fully comply with the mandatory two-year Data Retention regime.
2017 Media Release 10

Care needed to Avoid Anti-Competitive Effects from Broadband Monitoring Regime
07/04/2017 - The Federal Government and ACCC must work to guard against potential anti-competitive outcomes from the just-announced broadband monitoring program, Communications Alliance warned today.
2017 Media Release 9

Two new Industry Codes to assist service providers connect and transfer customer phone services with minimal delays
24/03/2017 - Telecommunications service providers will gain access to improved and more efficient measures to connect a customer’s broadband or telephone service in situations where a previous occupant has not cancelled their existing service
2017 Media Release 8

Industry Code to Assist Helplines and Victims of Life Threatening and Unwelcome Communications
01/03/2017 - A revised industry Code of Practice that provides greater protection for Australian consumers against threatening and unwelcome communications, came into force today after being registered by the telecommunications regulator.
2017 Media Release 7

Internet of Things Security Guideline Launched to Counter Threats to Privacy and Network Resilience in the IoT Age
23/02/2017 - The increasing connectivity of physical, digital, and human systems, known as the Internet of Things, or IoT, is the hot button technology of the moment and will revolutionise our economies and everyday lives. It is intrinsic not only to many highly anticipated consumer applications like the smart home and connected, self-driving cars but also to a huge number of industrial uses many of which have not yet been anticipated.
2017 Media Release 6

Industry Continues To Be Concerned With ACCC’s Approach To Broadband Speed Claims
10/02/2017 - The Australian telecommunications sector has welcomed the decision by the Australian Communications and Consumer Commission (ACCC) today to craft more meaningful guidance to ensure that consumers have access to reliable information about broadband speeds.
2017 Media Release 5

08/02/2017 - Nominations have opened for the Australian communications industry’s premier awards, the ACOMMS, with 12 categories celebrating performance excellence in innovation, customer service, marketing, and product solutions across the breadth of the telecommunications sector.
2017 Media Release 4

Network Protection Legislation May Lead to Greater Cyber Risk
06/02/2017 - Proposed new Federal legislation intended to help protect Australian communications networks and businesses from cyber attack and sabotage might actually make them more exposed to such threats, a broad coalition of industry representatives has warned.
2017 Media Release 3

Further Improvements in Latest Telecommunications National Customer Satisfaction Survey
02/02/2017 - The latest Telecommunications Customer Satisfaction Survey has revealed further improvements in four key satisfaction metrics, including overall satisfaction, the ease of understanding bills, product satisfaction and the ease of contacting service providers, Communications Alliance CEO John Stanton said today.
2017 Media Release 2

Reduced Taxes on Satellite Sector Welcomed
24/01/2017 - Communications Alliance welcomes the new tax arrangements for satellite apparatus licences announced today – a move that industry agrees should encourage more efficient use of spectrum and encourage greater investment in the satellite sector in Australia.
2017 Media Release 1