Sydney, 24 September 2021 – More than 28 million ‘ports’ - transfers of mobile phone services from one mobile network to another – have taken place on Australia’s world-leading Mobile Number Portability Platform (MNP), which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Designed collaboratively by Australian industry experts, the MNP system has stood the test of time – making it fast and simple for Australian consumers to keep their mobile number while moving their service to whichever provider they choose.

“Australia’s mobile customers currently have more than 32 million services in operation. The ability to easily transfer services to another provider - a process that often takes less than one minute – while keeping an important personal number, is a key element of empowering those customers and helping ensure they can have the best deal possible on their preferred network,” said Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton.

“During the past 12 months an average of 150,000 ports have been actioned per month – underlining the highly competitive nature of the Australian mobile market and the low barriers to customers switching providers,

“Prior to industry designing and launching the MNP system on 25 September 2001, it was not possible for a customer to retain their number when moving between mobile networks.”

Since its launch on 25 September 2001, the ongoing success of Mobile Number Portability in Australia has ensured that Australians can more easily choose the mobile provider they want.  

The successful introduction of mobile number portability across the industry was an achievement which demonstrates the ability of the industry to take responsibility for devising a practical solution developed through a co-operative process.  That process included the publication of more than 15 technical and operational documents including a Code, various Network Plans, IT Specifications, Operations Manual, Guidelines, Test Strategy and Test Plans.

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