Industry Working for Clarity on Data Retention Proposal

Sydney, 26 August 2014: Communications Alliance and a group of its Carriage Service Provider (CSP) members are working with the Attorney General’s Department and the Department of Communications in an attempt to provide greater clarity and precision to a Government proposal for a data retention regime.

Such clarity is what the telecommunications industry called for in the wake of the Government’s 6 August announcement that it intended to create such a regime.

The telecommunications industry respects the needs of security agencies to be able to access data that is already retained for commercial purposes by CSPs and which is useful for the investigation of serious crime and/or national security issues – and, indeed, there is a long history of productive cooperation between security agencies and CSPs on such issues.

We are equally mindful of the need to balance this against the privacy and other rights of consumers and the potential additional costs that may be generated for Government, CSPs and/or consumers, depending on the nature of the regime and requirements that the Government may propose.

The telecommunications industry firmly believes it will be important for any proposal to be subject to appropriate public scrutiny and debate – and for such debate to be duly considered in any Government decision-making.


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