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ACOMM 2023 Awards - Nominate Now!


Now in its 17th year, the annual ACOMM Awards for excellence in telecommunications are a nationally recognised and unmissable occasion on the comms events calendar.

To make a nomination, visit: https://acomms.com.au/2023/nominate-now/

Nominations close Friday, 28 April 2023.

See all 13 nomination categories here.

Communications Alliance is Seeking Comments for a Scheduled Review of two Industry Portability Codes

Mobile Number Portability Incorporating Amendment No.1/2015 Industry Code - C570 - MNP Code
The MNP Code has been developed to specify the procedural arrangements required to Port a Mobile Service Number between Carriage Service Providers, where there is a change in Mobile Carrier network. Elements of the Code could be utilised by Carriers and Carriage Service Providers in other customer transfer scenarios. Carriers and Carriage Service Providers (including long distance CSPs) must fulfil their routing obligations under the Numbering Plan. The MNP Code provides for automated interfaces between Mobile Carriers/Carriage Service Providers to support Mobile Number Portability in the distribution of routing information.

Mobile Number Portability also has a number of operational guidelines which accompany the MNP Code. These will be reviewed at the same time on a case-by-case basis, dependent on any concerns raised during the review or to ensure alignment with the MNP Code.   

  • G573.1:2009     MNP IT Specification Part 1- Transaction Analysis
  • G573.1:2009     Appendix E  XML Messaging Formats
  • G573.2:2009     MNP IT Specification Part 2 – Architecture and Messaging Requirements
  • G573.3:2020     MNP IT Specification Part 3 – Common Network
  • G574:2009       Mobile Number Portability – Customer Information
  • G575:2009       Mobile Number Portability Ported Number Register
  • G579:2015       Mobile Number Portability Operations Manual
  • G592:2009       Mobile Number Portability IT Test Strategy
  • G593:2009       Mobile Number Portability IT Test Plan
Inbound Number Portability Industry Code C657 INP Code
Specifies the minimum operational procedures between Carriers/Carriage Service Providers (jointly CSPs) and other industry participants for the implementation of Inbound Number Portability. (The portability of Freephone (18/1800) and Local Rate Numbers (13/1345/1300))

The aim of each review is to identify:
  • any existing issues with the Code(s);
  • whether any process improvement is required, from operational experience in dealing with the Code(s);  
  • any gaps in the Code(s);
  • clarifications that improve requirements;
  • whether the document is meeting the needs of industry and the community satisfactorily; expected impact of technology changes or overlap with any new or existing industry regulations.
Comments received will be considered by representatives of stakeholders , to prepare a specific recommendation for Communications Alliance. The outcome of the review will be a decision to revise, reconfirm or withdraw the Code(s).

Comments on the above documents are requested by 5 p.m. (AEST) on Monday 15 MAY 2023.

All submissions received may be made publicly available on the Communications Alliance website unless the submitter requests otherwise.

Current Consultations

Below is a list of currently open telecommunications-related consultations being conducted by Government and other organisations that provide an opportunity for you to have your say.


Australia’s 2023-2030 Cyber Security Strategy Discussion Paper

Review of the Privacy Act 1988

ACMA Compliance Priorities 2023-24
Organisation/Closing Date 

DoHA - 15/04/2023

AGD - 31/03/2023


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