AS/CA S043.2:2016 Requirements for Customer Equipment for connection to a metallic local loop interface of a Telecommunications Network - Part 2: Broadband

AS/CA S043.2:2016 (.pdf, 601 KB)
Publication date: 9 Aug 2016

Amdt No 1/2017 to AS/CA S043.2:2016 (.pdf, 65 KB)
Publication date: 23 Oct 2017

Amdt No 2/2018 to AS/CA S043.2:2016 (.pdf, 62 KB)
Publication date: 22 Oct 2018

This Standard applies to Customer Equipment (CE) that-

  1. is designed or intended for connection to a Telecommunications Network via a metallic local loop interface; and
  2. has a broadband capability.

This document supersedes AS/CA S043.2:2015.