AS/CA S003.3:2010 Requirements for Customer Access Equipment for connection to a Telecommunications Network - Part 3: Packet and cell based technologies

AS/CA S003.3:2010r (.pdf, 199 KB)
Expression of Intent EOI/17/001 Voiceband and G.711 A-law 64 kbit/s PCM encoding

Publication date: 5 Jan 2010

This Standard applies to Customer Equipment (CE) that is:

  • either (i) using packet or cell based technologies to accomplish any port interconnection; or (ii) using packet or cell based ports for external connections; or both (i) and (ii);
  • designed with multiple ports (local or network) that provides or is intended to provide access (gateway functions) to a Telecommunications Network; and
  • capable of switching, storage, processing, conversion, integration, line isolation/coupling or multiplexing of analogue or digital voice or voice equivalent communication.

This document supersedes AS/ACIF S003:2008. The superseded Standard is available at