G500:2002 Specification - Interconnect Signalling Specification for Circuit Switched Networks

G500:2002 Introduction (.pdf, 429 KB)

G500:2002 Part A ISUP | G500:2002 Part B TCAP | G500:2002 Part C SCCP (2.49MB zip)
G500:2002 Part D MTP | G500:2002 Part E Call Diversion | G500:2002 Part F Presentation Services
G500:2002 Part G Miscellaneous Services | G500:2002 Part H TCAP_SCCP Services
Note: Please contact us if you would like a softcopy of G500:2002  Part A - Part H.
G500:2002 specifies the interconnect services and signalling protocol that will be available from interconnecting domestic Australian circuit switched networks.

The Specification was reconfirmed in 2007, 2017 and 2017 and the next review is scheduled to occur in 2022.

G500:2002, G500:2000 and G500:1998 are separate versions of signalling specifications for the interconnection of circuit switched networks in Australia. At the time of publication, inter-network interfaces based on either G500:1998 or G500:2000 are in operation and might continue to be used indefinitely.

Refer to G549:2002 Interconnection Implementation Industry Guideline for information to assist with the consistent implementation of Interconnection Signalling based on G500:2002 for a Point of Interconnection carrying circuit switched services using E1 based transmission and ISUP signalling. G549:2002 also provides information on interworking between G500:2000 and G500:2002 versions of ISUP.