Omnispace LLC


Omnispace LLC is the owner and operator of the Omnispace F-2 (former ICO-F2) satellite and fully operational gateways around the globe. The company was founded by veteran satellite industry executives who saw a need for mobile satellite services (MSS) on the S-band aimed at a broad range of commercial and government customers. Because of its inclined, medium-earth orbit, the company’s satellite has the unique ability to serve the entire geographic surface of the globe from pole to pole. Omnispace has full authority to operate based on the required approvals of the International Telecommunications Union and other regulatory authorities.

Omnispace plans to provide a range of services as the company grows and enhances its capabilities and expands its customer base. Omnispace intends to serve a broad range of global users, many of whom today have few, often inferior or excessively costly communication alternatives.

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