C658:2019 Next-Generation Broadband Systems Deployment in Customer Cabling

C658:2019 Part 1 – Performance Requirements (4275KB)
C658:2019 Part 2 – Methods For Determining Compliance (2278KB)
C658:2019 Part 3 – Requirements for Deployment Class Systems (3101KB)

C658:2019 is designed to prevent performance-degrading Unacceptable Interference within Customer Cabling that carries Legacy Systems (e.g. ADSL2+ technology) and/or Next Generation Broadband Systems (e.g. VDSL2 technology).

The Industry Code is in three Parts:

  • Part 1 requires Next Generation Broadband Systems not to emit Unacceptable Excess Power and not to cause Unacceptable Interference to other Higher Priority Deployment Class Systems or to Legacy Systems in a Shared Cable Bundle.
  • Part 2 defines the detailed technical methods and calculations required to demonstrate those requirements are met.
  • Part 3 provides a list of defined Deployment Classes and a set of Appendices, each containing a detailed specification for a Deployment Class. It also describes the path to deemed compliance by these Deployment Class Systems.

C658:2019 was included on the ACMA register of industry codes on 4 February 2019.

List of Broadband Providers

System Providers are able to access the C658 List of Participants (referred to in Section 13 of Part 2 of C658:2019) via the Industry Lists webpage maintained by Communications Alliance. This list is for authorised industry members and so to access it requires one to be logged in with appropriate permisions. Please contact Communications Alliance if you want more details or to gain access to the list and updates of the list.

Introductory presentations (Informative)

Two presentations are available to help inform those unfamiliar with the details of C658:2019. One presentation gives a tutorial on the objectives, key concepts, and some sample scenarios for C658:2019. The other was prepared for the stakeholder group of building owners and managers, with less technical content than in the tutorial presentation. The presentations are not part of the Industry Code. They were iniitally prepared for the first version of the Industry Code 658:2018.

C658_2018_NGBS_Tutorial (2240KB)
C658_2018_NGBS_Intro_for_Property_Industry (688KB)