C536:2020 Emergency Call Services Requirements

C536:2020 (pdf 308 kb)

The objectives of the Code are:
  • to ensure all end users of an Emergency Telephone Service (ETS) have Access to the ECS in case of emergencies or where a response is required from an ESO;
  • to ensure the operational effectiveness of the Determination;
  • to ensure that significant obligations of Carriers and CSPs, in relation to the ECS, are clearly documented and understood;
  • to promote public understanding and appropriate use of the ECS (e.g. via www.triplezero.gov.au); and
  • to ensure effective communications of information between relevant parties where technical issues affect the operation of the ECS.


Explanatory Statement

Explanatory Statement (.pdf, 108 kb)

This document provides background information about the development of the  Emergency Call Services Requirements Code.