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Telco Customer Complaint Numbers Hit Record Low

Australia’s telcos have smashed the previous record-low complaint rate numbers, with the latest Communications Alliance Complaints-in-Context Report revealing just 3 complaints per 10,000 services in operation (SIO) in the April to June 2023 quarter. This equates to one complaint for every 3,333 SIO.

This represents an 18 percent drop from the previous record low of 3.6 complaints per 10,000, recorded in the July – September 2022 quarter; an average of 3.9 in the same quarter in 2022; and an average of 5.3 in the same period in 2021.

The Complaints in Context Report details the complaints received by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) per 10,000 SIO, creating an index that allows comparison of the customer service and complaint handing performance of different service providers, regardless of their size.

Under the industry’s enforceable Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code, participation in the publicly reported Complaints in Context Report is mandatory for the 10 telco providers identified by the TIO as having the largest (absolute) number of phone and internet complaints in the previous financial year. Telcos may also participate voluntarily.

Commenting on the results, Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton, said, “The industry’s achievements in further and significantly reducing complaint numbers over the past six years is testimony to sustained focus on customer service – and the competition between providers in this space. These results and the ongoing downward trend in complaint volumes is great news for consumers and industry alike."

"When mandatory participation in Complaints in Context reporting was introduced in the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code in 2019, the intent was to increase transparency and competition in this space by providing meaningful, comparable and public complaints data."

"Obviously the index is only one driver of competition in this space and there is, of course, always room for improvement. But in a time of inflation and rising cost-of-living pressures, when complaints in some other essential service sectors are increasing, the telco industry’s achievements are remarkable and warrant credit."

More information about complaints-in-context reporting is available here. The TCP Code, which is in the early stages of review, can be found here, with details of the review and revision process here.

Communications Alliance encourages any Retail Service Provider (RSP) interested in joining the index to contact it (email: info@commsalliance.com.au).

Draft Guideline on Fibre Ready Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs)

Communications Alliance invites public comment on the following draft Industry Guideline:

  • Fibre‑Ready MDU’s for Real Estate Development Projects Industry Guideline (DR G670:2023)

The new draft Fibre‑Ready MDU’s for Real Estate Development Projects Industry Guideline (DR G670:2023) is designed to:

  • Outline the minimum standard for Telecommunications spaces within a Real Estate Multi Tenanted building Development Project to be considered a Fibre Ready Facility;
  • Describe recommended processes for the design and installation of Telecommunications facilities for use in the deployment of Optical Fibre Lines in a Real Estate Multi-Tenanted building Development Project; and
  • Describe the recommended materials used in the design and installation of facilities.

The draft Guideline was created to:

  • Provide guidance on multi-unit and multi-building developments;
  • Clarify the definition of popular Conduit sizes; and
  • Maintain consistency with other industry documents.

Communications Alliance welcomes your input.

Copies of the draft document can be obtained from Communications Alliance:

Telephone: (02) 9959 9111 E-mail: info@commsalliance.com.au

Facsimile: (02) 9954 6136 Web site: www.commsalliance.com.au


Please note that all submissions received will be made publicly available on the Communications Alliance website unless the submitter requests otherwise.

Public interest criteria for assessing expiring spectrum licences

Between 2028 and 2032, spectrum licences across a number of radiocommunications bands are due to expire. The ACMA is commencing consultation on the proposed process for considering arrangements for these expiring spectrum licences. The Communications Alliance Satellite Services Working Group (SSWG) has made a submission on the ACMA’s assessment of the proposed public interest criteria, including to facilitate efficiency, to promote investment and innovation, to enhance competition, to balance public benefits and impacts and to support relevant policy objectives.

Winx Stakes Day in Honour of Tim McPhail

The late Tim McPhail was a significant figure in the industry, a good friend and source of advice to many and was known for his invaluable contributions to the creation of good regulatory solutions and positive outcomes for consumers.

Racing NSW and the Australian Turf Club are holding a Winx Stakes Day.  This event will be supporting the family in need and research into a cure for Muscular Dystrophy.   

For further information and to book for the Winx Stakes Day click HERE

Current Consultations

Below is a list of currently open telecommunications-related consultations being conducted by Government and other organisations that provide an opportunity for you to have your say.

Organisation/Closing Date

NSW Portfolio Committee No 1 – Premier and Finance - 20/10/2023

DITRDCA - 20/08/2023

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