Issue No 6: 16 March 2021



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  • ACOMMS 2021: 18 August 2021 - Register here

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ACOMM 2021 Awards - Nominate Now!

Nominations are now open for the ACOMM 2021 Awards.

Do you know a Communication or a Digital Platform company (with under 200 employees in Aus) offering an innovative service or product that drives industry growth?

Nominate them in the Innovation (SME) category at www.acomms.com.au by May 21.

See all 12 nomination categories here

Communications Alliance submission to ACMA Compliance Priorities Consultation

In a submission to the ACMA’s consultation on compliance priorities, Communications Alliance has encouraged the ACMA to use education of both telcos and consumers to expand the reach and impact of consumer safeguards.

Coexisting in the 28 GHz Spectrum Band

The Communications Alliance Satellite Services Working Group (SSWG) has made a submission to the ACMA’s Uncoordinated ubiquitous FSS earth station coexistence with FWA in the 28 GHz band consultation. The SSWG does not support the parameters used in the ACMA’s Discussion Paper and suggests the values derived in the more comprehensive ACMA Technical Liaison Group’s discussions from last year to be used at the Area Wide Licence (AWL) outer boundaries and as presented in the ACMA’s Radiocommunications Assignment and Instruction RALI MS-46. The SSWG has made a proposal which it believes would deliver a more effective and efficient outcome for users of all services operating within the band.

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