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Positive Report Card for Broadband Performance

Communications Alliance welcomed the inaugural Measuring Broadband Australia report, released on 29 March by the competition regulator, the ACCC. The report showed that customers within the sample group were receiving 80%-92% of their maximum plan speed during busy hours – and that busy hour speeds were only marginally slower than the performance in non-busy periods.

“nbn and internet service providers (ISPs) have been working hard and cooperatively on a range of fronts – technical, operational, customer care and financial - to deliver a high quality broadband experience to Australian consumers,” said Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton.

“While it is important not to read too much into this first set of results, the generally positive report card from the regulator shows that industry’s efforts are bearing fruit.

“We understand that customer concerns remain in relation to some services and that more challenges will need to be met, but we are pleased to see this evidence-based report showing excellent delivery of speeds across the largest ISPs.”

Communications Alliance Submission to the ACMA on Radiocommunications Equipment Rules

Communications Alliance has made a submission to the ACMA on proposed changes to the Radiocommunications Equipment Rules, the latest component of the Spectrum Reform instigated last year by the Department of Communications and the Arts.

Communications Alliance has been actively engaged with the Department and the ACMA in reviewing proposed changes to the Radiocommunications Act as a part of the spectrum reform and the latest consultation paper from the ACMA proposes some fundamental changes to the regulatory approach. One such change is adopting a principles-based approach to regulate radio communications equipment, modelled on the arrangements in use by the European Union (EU). While our industry acknowledges that the EU approach may have some potential benefits, Communications Alliance is urging the ACMA to proceed with caution and due diligence when considering the adoption of such a change to its regulatory approach.



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