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Space Industry Reform

The Satellite Services Working Group (SSWG) of Communications Alliance has proposed a framework of structural and policy changes designed to revitalise Australia’s multi-billion dollar space industry.

The recommendations would see greater focus on intellectual property transfer and would build on Australia’s existing skills in terrestrial space infrastructure, Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) gateways and user terminals.

The recommendations are contained in the SSWG’s submission to the Federal Government’s current review of Australia’s Space Industry Capability.

The SSWG points to significant new opportunities for Australia in fields including:

  • satellite-based resiliency solutions;
  • next-generation compression equipment;
  • satellite backhaul to support the roll-out of new 5G mobile networks; and
  • satellite integration into burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) networks. 
The SSWG proposes that Government better define the altitude at which “space” begins and points to the potential importance of the ‘high-altitude’ zone that lies above the operating domain of commercial aircraft but below the 100km altitude that is generally considered to be the beginning of space.

The submission discusses the push for the creation of an Australian Space Agency and urges Government to take action in a range of other areas, including the creation of an overall vision for the Australian space industry, coordination of Government agencies and the development of better mechanisms for industry input to space policy development.

SSWG Chair and Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton, said industry welcomed the review and looked for to close engagement in its work.

The SSWG is a group of 21 companies active in the space sector in Australia and focused in particular on the commercial communications satellite industry. Membership of the SSWG includes commercial satellite operators, satellite manufacturers and equipment suppliers, ground infrastructure suppliers, installers and operators, consultants and independent experts.

Industry proposal to update the National Construction Code

Communications Alliance is proposing changes to the National Construction Code (formerly the Australian Building Code) to facilitate access to telecommunications services in customer premises. New requirements for pathways and spaces for telecommunications cables and equipment are being proposed for single and multiple dwelling units (SDUs and MDUs) which includes houses, townhouses and villas, hotels, schools, offices, shops and aged care facilities. This will allow the necessary access for Carriers to install their infrastructure up to the network boundary at which point it then connects to the customer cabling.

Our industry sees the proposed changes to the NCC as a critical success factor for the efficiency and efficacy of the roll-out of the Australia’s biggest infrastructure project, the National Broadband Network, both during the remainder of the current network build and into the future.

The next step will be for the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) to release the public comment draft of the NCC for consultation in February 2018, to be followed by the publication of the next edition of the NCC in May 2019. The Communications Alliance submission is available on our Submissions page.

Reminder to Telecommunications Service Providers

A reminder to industry of the requirements in the NBN Access Transfer Code (C647:2017), Connect Outstanding Code (C617:2017) and NBN FTTB/N Migration Processes Industry Guidance Note, for the provision of service provider contact details to be logged on secure contact matrices maintained by Communications Alliance. The use of the matrices will assist industry in resolving any customer authorisation queries or fault issues in a timely manner. Industry are urged to confirm if their contact details are up to date, or to check if they are participating under these Codes and are required to log their details..

ITU Telecom World 2017

The ITU Telecom World 2017, will be held from 25-28 September 2017 in Busan, Republic of Korea. This is an annual event organised by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the UN specialised agency for ICTs. This year’s event will be hosted by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) of the Republic of Korea.

The focus of Telecom World 2017 is on digital transformation and the opportunities it presents. The event will discuss the best ways to expand and grow the digital economy, drive sustainable ICT growth in emerging and developed markets, foster SME and innovation ecosystems and help fuel the creative economy. The event is designed to introduce ICT SMEs to large industry players and governments and facilitate partnerships. The event has in the past been attended by ICT ministers, heads of international organisations and UN agencies, policy makers, regulators, industry, SMEs, academia, and media.

The format (similar to previous years) includes ministerial roundtables and keynotes, panel sessions, workshops, an awards ceremony, sponsored sessions and international exhibitions showcasing technology and innovation. The current programme can be found online.

The event is a networking, promotional and information sharing opportunity for Australian industry and SMEs. Please visit https://telecomworld.itu.int/take-part/ if you would like to register. This is not a Communications Alliance event.


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