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Re-print of Media Release:
Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield
Minister for Communications, Minister for the Arts, Manager Government Business in the Senate

Turnbull Government Bolsters NBN Customer Experience Program

1 August 2017 - The Turnbull Government has increased its program of work to ensure customers have a positive experience on the NBN, with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to conduct research and collect data on the NBN customer experience.

The ACMA is commissioning research to obtain information directly from customers about their experience before, during and after migration to the NBN. The research will span the range of technologies that are used to connect households and businesses to the network.

Additionally, the ACMA is using its formal powers under the Telecommunications Act to collect information from businesses across the NBN supply chain.

21 industry participants including retailers, wholesale providers and NBN Co Ltd (nbn) will receive notices seeking a range of data on issues such as fault handling, connection timeframes, appointment keeping, telephone number porting, and more.

This information will be used to identify where customer issues most commonly arise and how those issues can be either avoided or resolved more quickly. It will also help reduce the passing of customer complaints between retailers and nbn.

These initiatives are the latest to come out of a working group led by the Department of Communications and the Arts and including the ACMA and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Another key initiative to improve the NBN customer experience is the ACCC’s Broadband Performance Monitoring and Reporting program which will provide consumers with information on real-world broadband speeds provided by various RSPs over the NBN.

For more information visit: http://www.acma.gov.au/theacma/acma-focus-on-the-nbn-customer-experience

Industry Welcomes Action on Broadband Consumer Issues

Communications Alliance has welcomed the statement of the Minister for Communications and the Arts, Mitch Fifield, today that Government, regulators and Industry participants will invest more time and resources into research to understand customers’ experiences in the course of and post-migration to NBN-based networks.

Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton, said he believed all stakeholders, including industry, Government, regulators and consumers were committed to working to improve the experience of customers as they migrate their services to NBN-based networks and subsequently use those networks to meet their broadband needs.

“nbn and retail service providers (RSPs) have been and continue to work intensely behind the scenes to identify and address any process or coordination issues during service migration and to optimise the ongoing service performance.

“Communications Alliance is also reviewing the outputs of our relevant working committees, that have generated co-regulatory instruments such as Industry Codes and Guidelines, to see whether improvements or further work are needed.

The working committees, which include expert representatives from nbn, other fibre network providers and retail service providers, have done valuable work in a range of NBN-related operational areas, including:

  • the migration of so-called ‘over-the-top’ devices, such as medical and security alarms, across from legacy networks to the NBN;
  • migration processes to fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP), fibre-to-the-basement/node (FTTB/N) and hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) services;
  • enabling customers to switch from one retail provider to another once they are on an NBN-based network;
  • processes for customer cabling connections to the NBN;
  • number portability; and
  • fibre-ready pit and pipe specifications for real estate developments.
“Each of these groups is now reviewing its outputs, be that a Code, Guideline or Specification, and examining whether it is operating in the market as intended, whether Industry compliance is where it should be, and whether the material needs to be amended or expanded upon, to provide greater clarity and cohesion”, Mr Stanton said.

The results of the review will be available later in the month.

“In the meantime, Communications Alliance and its members stand ready to do whatever is needed to help ensure that the national investment in broadband can reap an appropriate dividend for Australian consumers and businesses.”

Comms Essentials – Fraud and Mobile Payments

Wednesday, 2nd August 2017


This Communications Alliance Comms Essentials seminar will focus on fraud committed using a mobile device and mobile payments more generally.

Given consumers’ increasing preference to use mobile devices for all kinds of everyday activities, it is not surprising that these devices are also being used to commit or attempt to commit fraud, particularly for financial transactions.

Also of interest for our industry is the arrival of the New Payments Platform with the launch targeted for November 2017. The new platform will enable real-time clearing and settlement for simple or complex payment solutions, between two people or between many different parties. It is expected that a large number of financial institutions and other organisations will connect to the platform over time.

Fraud, ID theft and mobile payments, the way they relate to each other and what can be done to minimise the former while facilitating the latter is a topic of priority for the telecommunications industry. An informed debate will assist all stakeholders to move into a more secure mobile payments future.

Who should attend:

Communications Alliance members.



“Fraud using a mobile phone: how, when, who – an overview”
Speaker: David Pegley, Managing Director, Australian Financial Crimes Exchange
Speaker: Detective Acting Superintendent Matt Craft, Acting Commander of the NSW Police Force’s Fraud and Cybercrime Squad

“New Payments Platform – what is it and what will it mean?”
Speaker: Adrian Lovney, Chief Executive Officer, NPP Australia

“Liability issues for telecoms providers for fraud and identity theft”
Speaker: Patrick Fair, Partner, Baker McKenzie

Facilitator: John Stanton, CEO, Communications Alliance

When: Wednesday, 2nd August 2017
Where: Sydney - Baker McKenzie, Level 27, AMP Centre, 50 Bridge Street, Sydney
Melbourne - Baker & McKenzie, Level 19, 181 William Street, Melbourne is a video link to Sydney
Register: Here


Acomm Awards 2017 Photos - View Here


ITU Telecom World 2017

The ITU Telecom World 2017, will be held from 25-28 September 2017 in Busan, Republic of Korea. This is an annual event organised by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the UN specialised agency for ICTs. This year’s event will be hosted by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) of the Republic of Korea.

The focus of Telecom World 2017 is on digital transformation and the opportunities it presents. The event will discuss the best ways to expand and grow the digital economy, drive sustainable ICT growth in emerging and developed markets, foster SME and innovation ecosystems and help fuel the creative economy. The event is designed to introduce ICT SMEs to large industry players and governments and facilitate partnerships. The event has in the past been attended by ICT ministers, heads of international organisations and UN agencies, policy makers, regulators, industry, SMEs, academia, and media.

The format (similar to previous years) includes ministerial roundtables and keynotes, panel sessions, workshops, an awards ceremony, sponsored sessions and international exhibitions showcasing technology and innovation. The current programme can be found online.

The event is a networking, promotional and information sharing opportunity for Australian industry and SMEs. Please visit https://telecomworld.itu.int/take-part/ if you would like to register. This is not a Communications Alliance event.


Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) is Now Accepting Applications

Application deadline is 2 September 2017 by 2:00 PM EAST


PTC’s Young Scholar Program (YSP) is designed to recognize, encourage, and support up-and-coming scholars in the field of information and communication technologies. Selected participants will be invited to present their research at PTC’s 40th anniversary conference.

Applications are now being accepted for PTC's 2018 YSP.  PTC's YSP offers promising young scholars the opportunity to:

  • Present their research in a high-visibility academic and industry forum
  • Engage in research discussions with esteemed academic faculty
  • Participate in PTC'18 activities
  • Gain exposure to current industry issues and trends
  • Meet PTC'18 attendees to share ideas, gain new insights, and identify practical research applications
  • Network with industry professionals, members of international organizations and NGOs, government officials, and academics from more than 75 countries
To learn more about the YSP program, please email youngscholars@ptc.org.or click here.

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