Issue No 4: 23 February 2016



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Web Site Blocking Application & Copyright Notice Scheme Code

A number of internet service provider (ISP) members of Communications Alliance have been in discussion recently with content rights holders about the Federal Court injunctions that are being sought by rights holders – under s115A of the Copyright Act – to compel the ISPs to block an overseas website that is alleged to be facilitating the infringement of copyright in Australia.
The injunction applications filed recently in the Federal Court by rights holders,are the first attempt to make use of the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Act, passed by Federal Parliament in mid-2015.
Several of the ISPs that have been approached have prepared a consistent response to a prospective court order to block a website.  This co-ordination aims to ensure that the court process is as streamlined and expeditious as possible, which in turn will help reduce costs and also save the Court’s time.

Meanwhile, Village Roadshow Limited has stated publicly and in advice to Communications Alliance that it does not, at this stage, wish to further pursue negotiations with Communications Alliance aimed at reaching agreement on a commercial framework to underpin the draft Copyright Notice Scheme Code that was submitted to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in 2015 for consideration for registration.

Absent such an agreement, Communications Alliance does not believe that the Code will be capable of being registered.

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