AS/CA S042.1:2022 Requirements for connection to an air interface of a Telecommunications Network - Part 1: General

AS/CA S042.1:2020 (.pdf, 519 KB), published 15 October 2020
AS/CA S042.1:2022
(.pdf, 459 KB), published 8 March 2022
Expression of Intent EOI/22/003 Warning message labelling

Specifies the general requirements for Customer Equipment (CE) that is designed or intended for use in connection with:

  • a public mobile telecommunications service (PMTS) and is an addressable device;
  • a Satellite Service and is an addressable device; or
  • both of the above.

This Standard does not apply to CE which is not an addressable device such as GPS terminal and satellite navigation system.

Additional regulatory information

AS/CA S042.1:2022 is intended to be mandated by a replacement for the ACMA Telecommunications (Mobile Equipment Air Interface) Technical Standard 2018 (the 2018 ACMA Standard). Until a replacement for the 2018 ACMA Standard is published, AS/CA S042.1:2020 as mandated by the 2018 ACMA Standard, remains in force.

In the instance that the 2022 version of AS/CA S042.1 is mandated by the ACMA, the transition period for AS/CA S042.1:2020 will be 12 months commencing on the day the 2018 ACMA Standard is replaced.

The mandatory status of AS/CA S042.1:2022 can be found on the ACMA website at the Telecommunications standards page. 

AS/CA S042.1:2020 supersedes AS/CA S042.1:2018. The superseded Standard is available at