AS/CA S009:2013 Installation requirements for Customer Cabling (Wiring Rules)

AS/CA S009:2013 (.pdf, 1030 KB)

This Standard applies to the installation and maintenance of fixed or concealed cabling or equipment that is connected, or is intended to be connected, to a telecommunications network, including any cord or cordage, or that part of any cord or cordage, that is connected as fixed or concealed cabling.

This Standard does not apply to—

  • any electrical power cabling whose primary function is the distribution of AC mains supply, and which is connected to an AC mains supply, but which may also carry telecommunications signals as a secondary function as long as the telecommunications signals originate from the power network or are injected into the power cabling via a compliant interface device;
  • any cabling used for the connection or distribution of broadcasting services, as defined in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992, that are supplied to the end-user by means of transmission through free air to a receiving radio, television or satellite antenna whether or not such cabling is connected to receiving equipment that is connected to a carrier’s or carriage service provider’s telecommunications network (e.g. via an Ethernet port); and
  • any cabling on the carrier’s side of the network boundary whether or not such cabling is located in customer premises, e.g. lead-in cabling.

This Standard remains in force for eighteen months after publication of the AS/CA S009:2018 Standard on 18 August 2020. AS/CA S009:2020 can be downloaded here