S009:2006 Installation requirements for Customer Cabling (Wiring Rules)

AS/ACIF S009:2006 (.pdf, 1030 KB)

This Standard applies to the installation and maintenance of fixed or concealed cabling or equipment that is connected, or is intended to be connected, to a telecommunications network, including any cord or cordage, or that part of any cord or cordage, that is connected as fixed or concealed cabling. It does not apply to any electrical power cabling whose primary function is the distribution of AC mains supply, and which is connected to an AC mains supply, but which may also carry telecommunications signals as a secondary function as long as the telecommunications signals originate from the power network or are injected into the power cabling via a compliant interface device.

This edition of the Standard deals with cabling work that was previously exempt from ACMA technical regulation or that was not specifically addressed by previous editions.  Refer to Appendix G of the Standard for a description of the changes made to accommodate such cabling and an explanation of how such cabling is captured by the telecommunications legislation.

This Standard remains in force until the AS/CA S009:2013 Standard comes in force on 1 July 2013. AS/CA S009:2013 can be downloaded here