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Digital Accessibility Training for Telecommunication Providers

Retail Service Providers in Australia are required by the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code to ensure their web content complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Level A success criteria (clause 3.2.5).

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has funded a project by the Centre for Accessibility (CFA) to improve the accessibility of websites and apps provided by the telecommunications sector.

Coming out of this project, they are offering a free workshop which will upskill staff on how to make content more accessible.

This workshop includes:
  • How people with disability access your content: includes a hands-on practical exercise of using a screen reader
  • The W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 overview: a guide to the definitive world standard in digital access
  • WCAG: a role-based approach: explore how the standard relates to different organisational roles
  • Telcos for All report: a discussion into the key issues found and how to address them.
  • Finding and addressing issues: key guidance on how to check your content and a practical exercise on how to fix issues as they appear.
  • The future: with two new versions of WCAG on the horizon and other access developments, this final session will look at what’s coming and how to prepare.
Communications Alliance strongly encourages all RSPs to attend this workshop, as it will help them to understand and comply with their obligations under the TCP Code.

Registration and other information can be found here: Digital Accessibility Training for Telecommunication Providers, Hosted online, 10th of June | Humanitix
Date:10 June 2021
WhereOnline Webinar

Digital Infrastructure: Why it matters for your business


Communications Alliance is partnering with the Australia Latin America Business Council (ALABC) on an upcoming digital event titled "Digital Infrastructure: Why it matters for your business".

The webinar will discuss the Asia-South America digital gateway - a submarine cable connecting Chile, New Zealand and Australia - plus the 5G networks rolling out across the Latin American region.

The initiative is designed to enable the technology to be deployed in regional areas, providing opportunities for data driven businesses and especially benefiting mining, agtech, fintech, medtech companies and organizations offering IOT and AI-enabled solutions in Chile, New Zealand and in Australia.

Areas of discussion will also reveal opportunities for students, academics and researchers to develop applications related to the technology; carry out analysis of systems and equipment in their laboratories and studies on spectrum bands for 5G.

This webinar will take place on Thursday 22nd April at 8:30am (AEST) via an online webinar platform. The webinar platform being used also has real time language interpretation capabilities between English and Spanish so that viewers can toggle between listening to speakers in either language.

Date:22 April 2021
WhereOnline Webinar
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