WC72 New Cellular and IMT Customer Equipment Requirements


The New Cellular and IMT Customer Equipment RequirementsWorking Committee is developing new cellular and IMT Customer Equipment emergency call service and display requirements for the general Part of the AS/CA S042.1:2015 Requirements for connection to an air interface of a Telecommunications Network Standard to cater for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) services and the use of IP Multimedia Services Identity Modules (ISIMs).

The scope of the Standard which captures PMTS-connected Customer Equipment needs to be reviewed with the aim to be wireless access technology agnostic where possible. This is in recognition that the user experience should be independent of the wireless technology that the terrestrial telephony service is being delivered over. The AS/CA S042 Standard is intended to ensure that PMTS-connected customer equipment meets the following objectives in relation to emergency call access:

  • that the handset has the necessary capability to allow an end-user to make an emergency call; and
  • that end-users are aware (indicated by the handset, typically via a screen display) of the ability to make an emergency call.

The revision is to include consideration of how AS/CA S042.1 can ensure these objectives are met in relation to emerging wireless technologies and use/ network connection scenarios.  The types of technologies and use/connection scenarios that will be considered include:

1. VoLTE services which are PMTS, are switched via the IMS and do not use Circuit-Switched Fallback (CSFB) for call completion, noting that a potential issue is that due to technical reasons, some of the initial C/CSP LTE network deployments in Australia may not be able to support:

  • emergency calls over VoLTE; or
  • emergency camping by VoLTE CE in a limited service state.

These limitations also impact on the ability of Customer Equipment to be able to fulfil the display requirements in the current version of AS/CA S042.1.

2. VoWiFi services which are PMTS and are switched via the IMS taking into account international developments including work that is underway in ETSI 3GPP on VoWiFi call handover between accessible Wi-Fi cells and GSM/3G/LTE cells. Issues to be considered include:

  • whether VoWiFi emergency calls can be handed over between an accessible Wi-Fi cell and another accessible Wi-Fi cell when a VoWiFi CE is moving between the two cells; and
  • whether VoWiFi services can meet the PMTS definition, which is based on inter-cell handover, as per s32 of the Telecommunications Act 1997.

3. ISIMs used to authenticate VoLTE subscribers on the IMS.

The revision is to also include a change to the compliance arrangements for the acoustic safety requirements in Clause 5.1 (specifically the maximum sound pressure level) to allow the option for compliance by way of a manufacturer’s DoC.

Terms of reference Download, doc.WC72 (58kb)

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