Issue No 33: 24 November 2015



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Submission to the Department of Social Services Impact of Illegal Offshore Wagering Review

Communications Alliance has made a submission to the Department of Social Services Impact of Illegal Offshore Wagering Review.

In its submission Communications Alliance notes that the telecommunications industry does not see gambling and wagering regulations as a matter for their industry to be involved in.

However, based on previous experience and observations, the submission offers a number of comments: it re-iterates Industry’s concern (as voiced in previous submissions) with the use of Section 313 of the Telecommunications Act to block access to illegal offshore websites due to the complexity, potential unintended consequences, costs and relative ineffectiveness of website blocking to address the issue.

The submission also discusses the need for a harmonisation of Federal and State regulatory regimes for gambling and wagering, the lack of enforcement of existing arrangements, associated free trade considerations and the use of VPNs to circumvent website blocking.

Public comment invited on the NBN Access Transfer Code

The NBN Access Transfer Code (DR C647:2015) is designed to describe the minimum processes between Customers, RSPs, Access Seekers and Access Providers for the post-migration transfer of fibre access services over the NBN.

Industry recognises that the Access Transfer processes need to provide all parties with clear responsibilities and requirements, and to protect end users throughout the transfer of services.
The objectives of the Code are to:

(a) specify operational principles which will enable the Transfer of an active NBN  Service between RSPs;
(b) establish minimum operational requirements on RSPs, Access Seekers and Access Providers in the Transfer of an active NBN Service between RSPs; and
(c) minimise Customer impacts during the Transfer of an active NBN Service between RSPs.

Information on the Working Committee which developed the Code, including the original Terms of Reference, can be found here.

Communications Alliance welcomes your input. The draft Code can be obtained from our website.

All submissions received will be made publically available on the Communications Alliance website unless the submitter requests otherwise.


New Member

Communications Alliance is pleased to welcome the following new member;

Digital Turbine



Digital Turbine works at the convergence of media and mobile communications, delivering end-to-end products and solutions for mobile operators, device OEMs and other third parties to enable them to effectively monetize mobile content. The company's products include DT Ignite, a mobile device management solution with targeted app distribution capabilities, DT IQ, a customized user experience and app discovery tool, DT Marketplace, an application and content store, and DT Pay, a content management and mobile payment solution. Headquartered in Austin, Texas with global offices in Berlin, Singapore, Sydney and Tel Aviv, Digital Turbine's solutions are used by more than 31 million customers each month across more than 20 global operators.

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