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TIO complaints in context lowest in 18 months

Sydney, 13 November 2015 – Complaints made to the TIO as a proportion of telcos’ services in operation are at their lowest rate in 18 months, according to the Telecommunications Complaints in Context report released today.

The result for all participating providers, 6.5 complaints per 10,000 services in Operation (SIO), has decreased 9.7 per cent when compared to January-March 2015 (7.2) and 14.5 per cent when compared to April to June 2014 (7.6).

These results reflect the overall decrease in TIO new complaints, which reduced by 10.5 per cent during 2014-15. This is the lowest level of new complaints since 2007-08.  Complaints per 10,000 services about Vodafone continued to decline for the sixth consecutive quarter, from 8.6 last quarter to 6.3 in April-June 2015, and down from 14.3 in April-June 2014. Telstra recorded its best Complaints in Context result to date with 6 complaints per 10,000 SIO.

The Complaints in Context report is a quarterly release jointly published by the TIO and Communications Alliance. The April-June report can be found on the TIO website, and the Communications Alliance website.

Joint Media Release

Internet of Things (IoT) Think Tank Initiates Six Work Streams

The Communications Alliance IoT Think Tank has initiated 6 work streams, resulting from its research report “Enabling the Internet of Things for Australia” that was launched in Sydney on 30 October.

The report’s recommendations address key enablers and inhibiters for the development of the Australian IoT industry and economy. The work streams are:

  1. Collaborative Australian IoT industry – develop a coherent, collaborative and globally-aware Australian IoT community with industry, Government and other key stakeholders to foster innovation and inform appropriate policy and regulatory settings.
  2. Sectoral engagement – develop sectoral IoT advancement and alignment with key sectors, including through Government Industry Growth Centre Activities, Infrastructure Australia and key sectoral bodies – with an initial focus on Resources Management (with focus on Water and Energy), Agriculture, Transport and Smart Cities.
  3. Open data – develop IoT open data and data sharing principles and guidelines – with possible sectoral focus. In conjunction, data privacy – develop privacy guidelines for use of IoT data.
  4. Spectrum availability – working party including the ACMA and broader stakeholders to address the spectrum settings and licencing needs for low-bit rate wireless services, such as LPWA.
  5. Security – develop security guidelines for IoT services and service elements, including data protection.
  6. IoT start-up innovation – develop policy and IoT eco-system frameworks in support of a national IoT program, which is linked to Industry Growth Centres.

Subject matter experts from a broad base of industry and Government are signing up to each of the work streams, several of which will begin their work before the end of the calendar year.

The IoT Think Tank is undergoing a re-branding exercise and additional entities and organisations have joined the initiative in recent days.

More news on this in coming weeks.

Public comment invited on the revised Broadcast Cabling Guideline

Communications Alliance Ltd invites public comment on the revised Installation of Broadcast Cabling and connection of Digital Broadcast Equipment to a Telecommunications Network Industry Guideline (DR G642:2015).

The G642 Guideline provides guidance for installation of Broadcast Cabling and digital broadcast interfaces used with Digital Broadcast Equipment intended for connection to a Carrier’s/Carriage Service Provider’s Telecommunications Network.

The draft Industry Guideline incorporates a number of newer coding schemes, interfaces and protocols being used or planning to be used by Broadcasters and Broadcast Service Providers to address the existing and foreseeable needs of the industry.

The draft Code can be downloaded from the Drafts for Public Comment page along with further information on how to submit comments.

The Public Comment for the draft Code closes at 5:00pm (AEST) on 10 December 2015.


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