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Comms Essential -  Implementing the Data Retention Regime
25 June 2015 (Sydney and Melbourne)
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nbn Joins IoT Think Tank Executive Council in Lead-Up to Industry/Stakeholder Workshop

Sydney, 1 June 2015  - Key infrastructure player nbn has joined the Executive Council of the Communications Alliance Internet of Things (IoT) Think-Tank, as stakeholders gear up for a key, direction-setting workshop to be held on 19 June.

nbn’s Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer, Mr Brad Whitcomb joins the Executive Council, alongside senior representatives from Telstra, IBM, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Huawei, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, KPMG, the Department of Communications’ Bureau of Communications Research (BCR), Sirca and Creator Tech.

Executive Council Chair and Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton, said the members had warmly welcomed nbn at the group’s second meeting on 29 May.

“nbn’s mission to date has obviously focused on national broadband service roll-out, but there is little doubt that the disruptive nature of IoT and the looming need for network solutions complementary to IoT will soon factor on the radar screens of nbn and other infrastructure players.”

Mr Whitcomb said, “As a visionary wholesale only provider, nbn™ is keenly interested in the rapidly emerging opportunities presented by the Internet of Things.

“nbn is leading the way in rolling out a network across Australia that will help enable seamless networking of people, and of things. The comprehensive nature of the network can be a key enabler of the IoT, including by adopting and implementing standard approaches across geographies and technologies.

“We see a number of potential early opportunities for our access seekers, including smart metering, environmental sensors, CCTV and digital signage.

“We look forward to participating in the Communications Alliance program that will research and identify IoT benefits for Australian industry, seek to address regulatory and other inhibitors and enablers (including privacy and spectrum allocation); and lead to the development of a comprehensive strategy and vision for the Australian IoT community.”

The Think Tank is gearing up for a major industry/stakeholder workshop to be held in Sydney on 19 June, hosted by KPMG. The workshop will complement the research project being undertaken by consultants and Think-Tank members, Creator Tech.

A broader stakeholder group, including representatives from the ACMA, AIIA, ACCAN and AMTA are expected to join IoT industry players in a detailed examination of the newly-mapped “IoT ecosystem” in Australia and look at where Australian industry can and should most effectively play.

The workshop will also examine work recently completed by leading law firm, Baker & McKenzie as it debates the implications of IoT for Australia’s regulatory framework.

The program for the Workshop can be found here. Spaces at the workshop are limited but industry participants or other stakeholders interested in attending can enquire via info@commsalliance.com.au.

Communications Essentials - Implementing the Data Retention Regime
Sydney and Melbourne (via videoconference) Thursday 25 June 2015

Australia’s controversial Mandatory Data Retention Regime takes effect from 13 October this year.

As Service Providers work to understand what the regime requires and how they can comply with it, Communications Alliance Members are invited to attend a Comms Essentials Seminar on Data Retention Implementation.

This must-attend industry event will feature:

  • An address by the Communications Access Coordinator within the Attorney-General’s Department (responsible for overseeing the scheme) Ms Jamie Lowe; and
  • Presentations from a range of vendors vying to offer outsourced data retention solutions to Australian service providers.

Communications Alliance is working with the Attorney-General’s Department to finalise guidance documents for Service Providers, to help de-mystify the intricacies of the Data Retention requirements, how the data-set applies to specific services and how Service Providers can create implementation plans as a pathway to compliance with the regime.

The event offers an opportunity to hear the views of the CAC, who is responsible for a raft of oversight and approval functions, including the awarding of exemptions and the approval of implementation plans.

Alongside this, the seminar will allow vendors of outsourced data retention solutions to showcase their capabilities as Service Providers seek to define the least burdensome path to complying with the new laws.

The seminar will also feature a legal/regulatory overview of the data retention regime from leading law firm, Baker & McKenzie


  • Overview of regulation and legal overview of the data retention regime: Baker & McKenzie
  • Address by the Communications Access Coordinator  Speaker: Ms Jamie Lowe, Communications Access Coordinator, Attorney-General’s Department
  • Outsourced data retention solution: BAE Systems, Hewlett Packard teamed with Price Waterhouse Coopers, Yaana Limited
  • Q&A  Facilitator: John Stanton, CEO, Communications Alliance

Who should attend:

Attendance is essential for Communications Alliance members - representatives from carriage service providers, internet service providers, law firms and other industry stakeholders who want to understand the intricacies of the Data Retention requirements, how the data-set applies to specific services and how Service Providers can create implementation plans as a pathway to compliance with the regime.

CA Members Registrations accepted here

TIO complaints in context increase over summer but reduce year-on-year

Sydney, 28 May 2015 - Complaints made to the TIO as a proportion of telcos’ services in operation increased during January March 2015, compared to the previous quarter – but dropped by 12.2 per cent compared to the same period last year, according to the Telecommunications Complaints in Context report released today.
In January-March 2015, TIO complaints in context increased by 9.1 per cent to 7.2 complaints per 10,000 services in operation (SIO).  The quarterly rise reflects the usual trend of increased fault complaints about fixed-line services over the summer months.
Significantly, the aggregate result across the five participating providers (amaysim, iiNet, Optus, Telstra and Vodafone) was a 12.2 per cent decrease on the 8.2 complaints per 10,000 SIO recorded in the same quarter last year.  This reflects the long-term reduction in complaints made to the TIO.
Complaints per 10,000 services for Vodafone in particular reduced, with fewer complaints in context both quarter on quarter and year on year.  Increases in landline and internet fault complaints for a number of the other service providers contributed to more complaints per 10,000 SIO when compared to the previous quarter.
The Complaints in Context report is a quarterly release jointly published by the TIO and Communications Alliance. The January-March report can be found on the TIO website, and Communications Alliance website.

New Members

Communications Alliance is pleased to welcome the following new member;

Aspedia Australia



Aspedia was formed in 2004 and has been involved with domain services since 1997. Aspedia is a leading supplier of web development, eMarketing and eBusiness solutions and understands that your business success directly impacts and drives our business success.




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