Issue No 8: 30 March 2015


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Further Strong Improvement in Telecommunications Complaints – Complaints in Context Fall by 19.5 per cent

The second quarterly Complaints in Context report, released today by Communications Alliance and the TIO, shows further strong improvement by participating service providers during the period October to December 2014.

The ratio of complaints to the TIO, expressed as a ratio of 10,000 services in operation, has fallen by 19.5 per cent during calendar year 2014 – a significant achievement that underlines the sustained drive by Australian service providers to deliver better outcomes to their customers.

The report can be found here.

Web-Site Blocking Legislation Requires Precision

Sydney, 26 March 2015 – The telecommunications industry is examining the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2015 and will assist Government and Parliamentary committee members to refine the legislation, Communications
Alliance said today.

John Stanton, CEO of Communications Alliance said that industry was not consulted on the drafting of the Bill, so is now examining it for the first time.

“We intend to contribute to the consideration of the legislation by the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs,” Mr Stanton said.

“We have given conditional support for this initiative but have cautioned that web- site blocking is a relatively blunt tool, with risks of ‘collateral damage’ if not applied with precision.

“The Bill should, for example, ensure that “online location” is precisely defined, to reduce the risk that web-sites may be unintentionally impacted when multiple websites reside under a single IP address or domain,” Mr Stanton said.

“The Government should also ensure that through the legislation or Court rules ISPs are indemnified by rights holders against any actions they take to comply with a site- blocking injunction.

“We note that the Government anticipates another cost impost on internet service providers (ISPs) as a result of the legislation. We are yet to see the detail of this estimate but believe that additional cost for ISPs assisting the fight against copyright infringement should be avoided.”

New Member

Communications Alliance is pleased to welcome the following new member

Spectrum Networks








Spectrum, established in 1991 under the leadership of Internet Pioneer Matt Perkins, originally built and maintained APANA (Australia Public Access Network Association) Australia's first public ISP.

By 1994, Spectrum was approached to build one of Australia first commercial and largest ISP's (Microplex). This involved the network planning and building of a national network. Spectrum continued to expand and maintain the national Microplex network right through until the sale of Microplex and it's infrastructure to Cable & Wireless Optus in 1998.

Spectrum Networks then pioneered Australia's first business broadband DSL network in 1999 - leading the market by almost 2 years, the first ever Australian alternative to expensive Frame Relay.

Again in 2005, Spectrum pioneered Australia's first Virtual IP-PABX teamed with business grade networks, combining the flexibility and ubiquity of IP and the convenience of voice with guaranteed quality.

Spectrum remains committed to delivering the latest technological enhancements to Australian business.

The ACOMM Awards 2015 – Nominations Open

Nominations for the awards close on 17 April 2015.  Full details of the awards and criteria are available at http://www.acomms.com.au/nominations.php


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