C540:2013 Local Number Portability - Incorporating Variation No.1/2015

C540:2013 (pdf 723kb)

In 2015 the following amendments were made to the Code:
  • inclusion of reference to the Customer Authorisation Industry Guideline (G651:2015);
  • removal of the condition that a CA is deemed to be invalid if the Customer validly rescinds or cancels a contract within the cooling off period in accordance with the applicable fair trading legislation, as this is inconsistent with the Australian Consumer Law;
  • removal of the guidance note on Requirements for Customer Authorisation in Section 4 with the intent of the note being captured in the Customer Authorisation Industry Guideline (G651:2015);
  • removal of the requirement that the Gaining CSP must obtain an agreement to the Implementation Schedule from the Customer and the Losing Carrier ‘in writing’; and
  • the reinstatement of 2007 LNP Code obligation relating to retention of the Customer Authorisation.
Specific details of the amendments are set out in Appendix A of the Code.

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