Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) Publication Suite

C555:2008 Integrated Public Number Database (IPND)

C555:2008 (pdf 517kb)

The Code specifies who can supply and/or receive data to/from the IPND, as well as the obligations on use of IPND data.

Revision of the Code

The Code was revised in 2007 to bring the Code into alignment with the Telecommunications Act 1997 and the Telecommunications (Section of the Telecommunications Industry) Determination 2007 and other applicable legal requirements and to clarify matters relating to Customers, operational issues and technical issues by re-ordering the content for ease of reading and revising some clauses for improved clarity.

The Code was revised in 2008 to extend by an additional twelve months the delayed timeframe for implementation of aspects of the Code relating to the supply and use of Public Number Customer Data for Location Dependent Carriage Services.

Associated Guideline

G619:2007 IPND Data

G619:2007 (.pdf, 567 KB)

Provides assistance to Data Providers and Data Users in ensuring the accurate capture and entry of data into the IPND to satisfy the needs of all Data Users, particularly emergency service organisations

The Guideline was revised to ensure consistency with changes to legislation governing the use of data provided to the IPND Manager, the concomitant Ministerial directions, the ACMA IPND Scheme, related Ministerial instruments and the subsequent revision to C555:2007 Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) Industry Code. It also contains additional information to clarify the use of various fields.